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Times change but style is forever: Hilde Leiss4ever

Oct 4th 2012, 22:20 - Permalink

A fascinating combination of technical refinement plus traditional goldsmith's craftsmanship best characterizes the jewellery made by Hilde Leiss in Hamburg. Evolution in design is the motto under which Hilde Leiss designs and produces her jewellery.

For more than three decades she has come up with new and exciting pieces, while equally involving herself in the running of her legendary gallery. Clear lines and powerful shimmering, coloured gemstones pass through her hands and emerge as pieces of jewellery endowed with a fascinating, femenine aura. Hilde Leiss has always believed that jewellery should be a lasting investment: she would rather splurge and use one or two extra grams of precious metal than scrimp.

The salient characteristic of Hilde Leiss' stylish pieces of jewellery is above all balance, the sense of harmonious equilibrium radiated by these stunning artifacts. Never strident or unduly provocative, her jewellery balances a variety of compositional elements, allowing them to interact with one another, to blend, merge and alternate with one another.The ever louder cry for individuality seems to have found its appropriate answer in these pieces, which also go a long way towards satisfying people's yearning for wearability and quality, imagination and humor.

Alas, people, jewellery, and gemstones - all of them have stories to tell, stories which are entirely and uniquely their own.

Wolf MacKeller