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Hilde Leiss Jewellery Coordinates: 40.450°N 79.935°W

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Pittsburgh’s Shadyside’s Ellsworth Avenue is home to the WAX Jewelry Design Studio, which is co - owned and operated by our good friends and fellow gallerists Keith Belles , Sandra Lawton, and Al Ferruci.

( www.waxjewelrydesignstudio.com )

"Just as the artifacts of the Aztec, Mayan, Egyptian, and Native American civilizations have given Keith insight into their respective cultures, and through his designs he tries to reflect the cultures to which he is exposed.

He often incorporates unusual, natural materials such as meteorite fragments, fossils, and custom carved gemstones into his one-of-a-kind pieces. These materials mirror his fascination with the natural elements of the Earth, and the mystery of the sun and stars.

Keith Belles grew up in central Indiana. His family was instrumental in his pursuit of a career in art. At age eleven, his father taught him the craft of cutting and polishing stones, and also exposed him to the arts of woodworking and photography. Later, Keith's sister taught him in high school art class, and encouraged him to pursue art as a career. Heeding her advice, Keith studied ancient art and trained as a sculptor and metalsmith in college, then went on to earn his living from his skill and creativity.

A talented, self-taught figurative carver, Keith lays claim to over 20,000 carvings. His low relief carvings are cast (using the lost wax process) into Platinum, sterling silver and 18k gold. Keith received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in Sculpture and Metalsmithing from Indiana State University. He works and resides in Pittsburgh, PA. His work includes both private and public commissions and in 1998 he was honored by the Platinum Guild with an International Design Award for his Eclipse Ring design.

WAX specializes in one of a kind and limited edition jewelry in sterling, gold, platinum and precious stones. The emphasis is on custom-designed pieces including engagement rings and wedding bands, by award-winning in-house designer Belles. The studio is offering unique works by other local and international designers and artists. ( Hilde Leiss from Hamburg is proud to be one of them )

WAX is located on the corner of Ellsworth and Spahr in Pittsburgh's Shadyside neighborhood. ( you can see the window at the end of the bridge )

Wolf Keller