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Hilde Leiss on Tour: GLDA 2012 : Starrpass Marriott Resort Tucson

May 22nd 2011, 19:03 - Permalink

Hilde Leiss, a maverick on the arts and crafts scene, is a Hamburg-based master goldsmith and internationally recognised gallerist who promotes awareness for the truly different, hoping to change points of view along the way. Her provocative pieces engage collectors to think outside the box.

Not fussy or ornate, her jewels focus on the aesthetic power of form from the sleek and geometric to the bold and organic, using the widest array of gems and metals in her palette.

In kind, the environment she has created to sell her work is equally inspiring. Her nearly 500-square-metre retail space celebrates art as a lifestyle, not only showcasing wearable art in contemporary jewellery by Hilde Leiss and others, but also art expressed in a variety of media, including apparel, hats, handbags, footwear, ceramics, glass and furniture.

According to her husband and gallery facilitator, Wolf Keller, her decision more than three decades ago to build her business in this way has made her a recognised force in the art community. " She was among the first in Germany to introduce the concept, " praises Keller, noting that she represents the works of nearly 100 talents about whom she has a strong sense. " She has succeded in establishing a communication centre in Hamburg for both German and international arts and craft, an achievement many museums only dream of."

Leiss’s gallery has become an integral part of the city’s cultural life, as well as a meeting place for the creators of exceptional contemporary jewellery and high quality arts and crafts products. She presents exhibitions of colleagues from around the world and tends to her flock of apprentices and goldsmiths in her studio. In fact she has trained more than four dozen apprentices in 32 years, all of whom have earned government accreditation as journeymen and master goldsmiths.

The common thread throughout her gallery is an ethos centred on exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic qualities, as well as innovation of statement. Highly industrious with a keen eye for the arts, Leiss embodies a pay-it-forward philosophy that has anchored her gallery in the art community as a nurturing environment for those who make and appreciate the art that expresses our lifestyles.

From the article " Selling the Jewellery Experience " by noted jewellery industry expert and copy writer Deborah A. Yonick www.yonickwriting.com

Untitled from Hilde Leiss on Vimeo.