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Alexandra Goller

Spotlight on the artist...

Interior designer and decorator Alexandra Goller splits her working time between Milano and Indonesia.

The strong influence of what can be termed New Asian Aestethics, combined with a preferencial leaning towards clean lines and uncluttered interiors in Alexandras´concept of interiors, are undoubtly the result of a life spent in very diverse cultures. In her early childhood she moved to Japan leaving an undisputable impression which later developed into a passion. The very traditonal lifestyle at the time, with it´s Zen philosophy of "Less is more" and the mindfulness that is given to the choices and placing of every object, carefully balancing function and aestethics, have become a guideline in her later work. Years of living and working on different continents were followed by another important encounter with the design-haven Milan in Italy, where the designer has lived and worked for close to a decade, interrupted only by long stays in Asia where most of the interiors are produced. This has contributed to form a kind of fusion of "East meets West" which is visible in Alexandras´ work.

Natural soft hues, texturized surfaces and most of all handcrafted materials as such, creates the framework for the contemporary living spaces she creates.