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Anne Cohen

Conceived by Anne Cohen, the Danish brand C6 is centered around the concept of the living world, this world created by supernovas and stardust and shot out into the universe millions of years ago. C6 is named after the chemical name for carbon, and was born from the dream of marrying the roughness of carbon fiber with the beauty of fine diamonds. Graphite and diamonds are both different structural arrangements of the same element. Carbon fiber has recognized properties like its light weight and great resistance, and diamond is produced by the crystallization of atoms of carbon. Through coincidence and unique circumstances: million of years ago, diamonds were formed 140 or even 190 miles deep in the earth’s core. Anne Cohen’s designs for C6 play with the contrast of black carbon and a shower of diamonds, reproducing the eternal wonder of creation. Valentine Lecêtre (author of KARA Collector´s Edition 2010 - Art Jewelry Designers book)